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Petites Annonces play a mix of gypsy jazz (Django Reinhardt et al), those bonnes old french chansons, from Charles Trenet to Jacques Dutronc, Georges Brassens, Boris Vian or Yan et les Abeilles, all wrapped in a big slice of Punk Manouche.
Established since 2005 Petites Annonces has played at some places like The Quecumbar in London, March Manouche Festival, IGGF Gossington, Cloughtoberfest in Ireland, the Gillingham Festival, Salisbury Live, Gold Hill Festival, the Bell Street Cafe in Shaftesbury and entertained many weddings and private events.
Be prepared to hear something different avec un accent français!
Petites Annonces Members:
- Jipe Gerardin (Vocal / Rhythm)
- Pete Nicholson (Lead guitar)
- Brad Laming (Lead Guitar)
- Dan Baker (Violin / Squeeze Box)
- Steve Laming (Double Bass)
"Michael Dregni (author of several books about Django Reinhardt) reviewed "Pieces a Conviction" for Vintage Guitar Magazine (March 2013 - USA paper edition) :
"The English band Petites Annonces describes their music as "Punk manouche," offering Gypsy jazz and French chanson with a special accent. As the ensemble's own warning label reads in small type, "This band may contain nuts." Petites Annonces (French for "want ads") is led by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jipé Gérardin. The band features twin lead guitars from Damian Moody and Pete Nicholson ...   [ read more ]
"Hundreds had gathered to celebrate the unveiling, and opening act Petites Annonces, unfortunately, had the task of entertaining the increasing crowd, who seemed intent on socialising rather than fully appreciating the Gipsy swing/French chanson that was emanating from the stage. The beautiful swinging melodies transported us to a Parisian cafe, intimate and utterly hypnotising. The double bass set the beat to a foot tapping Gipsy-jazz backdrop, with a smoky and rasping vocal that drew us in and enchanted. It reminded me of Yann Tiersen Amélie era, which is a very good thing."
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